scared 2 win

Am I afraid of failing,

or winning?

Do I wish for old feelings,

or brand new beginnings?

Can I raise up a glass

and receive new vibrations?

Will I give into all-too familiar temptations?…

The fears I have buried

to the core of the planet,

‘less I dig up in doubt

all the seeds that I’ve planted

If growth is too fast

then they won’t understand it

but if life has its limits,

my faith must be candid


The Perfect Gift

when u ask for something and God hands it to you, it may not be exactly how u imagined. 🤔 But just as everything was crafted in His image, maybe the point of our life is to work, molding and shaping the the 🌍 around us to be better ++ molding ourselves within to become the ultimate version, before it ends. When you are battle tested, you are war-ready

—YAH 🦄✏️🌊✨